Marvin Wohlt

Together with his duo mate Max, Marvin is one of the most promising Fortnite players in the Worls. He showed a high peak performance throughout the whole Fortnite World Cup qualification and he is a key-player for M10. With Fortnite developing as an esports title we are sure, Marvins's potential and skill will grow simultaneously.


creative ✏️ - @a1ms0nz
05. Nov
(OPEN) EU 2v2 Wagers! 5-10$ 🛡️ - @a1ms0nz
01. Nov
Solo Cash Cup! 🛡️ - @a1ms0nz
30. Oct
Solo Arena! 🛡️ - @a1ms0nz
24. Oct
Solo Arena bis Champion, auch wenn es das letzte sein wird was ich tue! ?️ - @a1ms0nz
21. Oct
Solo Arena! ?️ - @a1ms0nz
19. Oct