Marvin Wohlt

Together with his duo mate Max, Marvin is one of the most promising Fortnite players in the Worls. He showed a high peak performance throughout the whole Fortnite World Cup qualification and he is a key-player for M10. With Fortnite developing as an esports title we are sure, Marvins's potential and skill will grow simultaneously.


für Solo FNCS vorbereiten! VODSs & Creative - @a1ms0nz
09. May
[2MIN DELAY] 19:00! FNCS HEAT 2 w/ JulianCoM | @a1ms0nz
17. Apr
VALORANT mit BOTS! (drops an) | - @a1ms0nz
16. Apr
Rival Rock Series Semis mit Julian! danach VALORANT :) | @a1ms0nz
13. Apr
FNCS Opens w/ JulianCom I NEUES Video! - https://youtu.be/y0H8-rsPbSw
11. Apr
FNCS DUO SEMIS I NEUES Video! - https://youtu.be/y0H8-rsPbSw
04. Apr