These are the M10 eSports Teams. We play with passion and dedication.

Fortnite: A Legend of a Game

Fortnite really has become a legend of a game. Since Epic decided to move into esports and build up different kind of tournaments around it, we had to seize this opportunity and set up our own professional Fortnite roster. All our players are unique in their character, playstyle and skills, what is important to keep the inner and outer sportive competition alive and successful. Having such young, motivated and passionate players is not only a good starting point for the future, it also brings a lot of responsibilities. 

FIFA - the greatest sports simulation worldwide

FIFA is one of the most accessible esports titles that exist out there and is by far the greatest sports simulation worldwide. With Mesut, our FIFA players not only represent a world class football player but also a world-champion. There is no better inspiration to reach the same level ingame.

With M10 we are trying to set new standards for the future of esports. It will be the home base for players all over the world. We are not only representing world class pro players, but also giving young talents the chance to have the same pro support and evolve with us. With my 15 years of pro esports and experience and my history as a pro player myself, I can easily relate to our players needs and help them in various situations.

Kay Runné

COO / Head of Esports