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We are very happy to announce that @Jenasidfc will be the team captain of the Indian national team competing at the @isonationscup which will kick of this thursday.🏆🇮🇳

Proud of you, Siddh. Go on Mate! 💪

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28. Apr
RT @nyhrox: live with stacked solo customs
28. Apr
I morgen starter #HeadsetChallenge, et samarbeid mellom HLF og to av Norges mest profilerte gamere @MrSavage #100T & @Nyhrox #M10 .
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28. Apr
Once again our #FIFA20 players showed what they are capable of. 🚀

With 30-0 score for @jenasid he confirmed his current form and made it into the top 100 while @levyfrederique was also successful with 29-1 overall. 🥳

Well done boys! 💪

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27. Apr
RT @LevyFrederique: Old setup ➡️ New setup

Thanks @M10esports for making it possible❤️〽️
25. Apr
Another one! 🙌

@Jenasidfc did it again with a convincing performance against @FutbolistCo player @Fist_Sakky in #gameday 6 with an overall score of 2-1. 🥳

This means he is still unbeaten and on top of the Pro League India table! 💪🇮🇳

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24. Apr
You choose. 🤔
24. Apr
RT @nyhrox: such a sick event 🚀
24. Apr

Challenge yourself by taking off your headset and try to play and win a round with no sound! Use the hashtag and post your results for everyone to see. 🚫🎙️

@Nyhrox will be doing a livestream on April 29th to participate in the challenge. 💪

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23. Apr
RT @Floriixnn: Ich liebe @M10esports und @realkaypi danke für alles habibis❤️
23. Apr
The #EZ4SIDDH journey continues! 🚀

After game day 3, 4 and 5 @Jenasidfc is on top of the Pro League India table with an overall score of 5-0. 🥳

Keep it up and game day 6 will also be yours! ✌️

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22. Apr
Our boss is streaming as well. 😎〽️

Support him and say hi 🤪!🙌

Link: 📺

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20. Apr