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I finally got it....

Thank you so much for the signed jersey! @nyhrox @M10esports!!!!!!!

Definitely a keeper 🔥✅

#M10 #nyhrox
12. Jun
RT @nyhrox: pro trio tourney w/ @Virsuh_ & @Primzhy
10. Jun
RT @LevyFrederique: 28-2 on XBOX. Top 100 this years seems impossible for me. Can’t believe I keep losing against opponents like this..😕 ht…
08. Jun
M10 vs. M10 live on our channel! 💪

@M10Berki x @xTheLegxndZ vs. @M10Pepper x @Fledermoys - controller vs. mouse & keyboard. 😱

Who will win? 😳


#M10 #M1Ö 🔥〽️
08. Jun
RT @nyhrox: 5th EBS Cup
07. Jun
thank you so much for 200k followers! ❤️
I want to give a shoutout to everyone that’s still supporting me it means so much. I haven’t been performing to my usual standards and it’s been tearing me down so much. I really want to prove to everyone that I still have what it takes.
06. Jun
RT @LevyFrederique: Live on twitch with this squad😌Ultimate TOTS is on the line!
06. Jun
Do it like @MesutOzil1088 and choose your style in the M10 Shop. 👕

Where to get it?

Head over to and grab what you like! 🔥
04. Jun