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What a great compilation by @Fledermoys about his and @M10Pepper's @FNCompetitive #FNCS Week 1 Open run.🤓

Tune in! ✌️

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24. Mar
RT @nyhrox: 6th FNCS Week 1 w/ @BadSniper ($2400)

Qualed for heats and hit 100k followers on Twitch at the same time! GGs ❤️…
23. Mar
Great performance by our @FNCompetitive #FNCS Week 1 finals participants! 🤑

#6 @nyhrox x @BadSniper
#42 @xTheLegxndZ x @pnrbtw

A solid start for now and the next week is just around the corner. 🥵

Let´s go #M10family!

#M10 #M1Ö 🔥🔥🔥〽️
22. Mar
Two #M10 duos made it into the @FNCompetitive #FNCS finals this weekend! 🥳

@nyhrox x @badsniper
@xTheLegxndZ x @Pnrbtw

‼ Don‘t miss nyhrox’ Livestream on #Twitch: 📺

#M10 #M1Ö 🔥🔥🔥〽
22. Mar
RT @nyhrox: LANDING LAZY LAKE TOMORROW w/ @BadSniper didn't lose a single fight, come if you want to get griefed! :)
22. Mar
Behind the scenes... 👀 🔥

@nyhrox & @BadSniper are at 63pts right now.

Let‘s go! You got this! 💪

#M10 #M1Ö #M10family 〽️ @FNCompetitive #FNCS
21. Mar
RT @LevyFrederique: Same position as last week 25-0 .. Lets see if my laptop & I can keep running today🤣 https://t.…
21. Mar
It´s #FNCS weekend! 🥳

Our #M10 duos are the following:

@nyhrox x @BadSniper
@M10Pepper x @Fledermoys
@a1ms0nz x @juliancom_
@xTheLegxndZ x @Pnrbtw
@Floriixnn x @moiny0ah
@M10Berki x @haytraa
@M10zwetschkE x @JumpiixFN

Who will grab the trophy? 🏆

#M10 #M1Ö 🔥🔥🔥〽
21. Mar
RT @nyhrox: 3rd place pro tourney w/ @BadSniper ready for FNCS 🤭
20. Mar
Congrats, boys! 🤩🔥🔥🔥

🥇 Keep it up! @nyhrox @BadSniper

#M10 #M1Ö #M10Victory 🤪〽️
1st NoLimit x WarLegend Cup w/ @BadSniper
19. Mar
RT @nyhrox: insane clutch from @BadSniper in a pro tourney 🐐
19. Mar
RT @nyhrox: 11th in most competitive event so far w/ @BadSniper
18. Mar