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10. May
RT @LevyFrederique: Here we go 17-0 D-day! Live and running @
10. May
What a day of streaming! Over 350 new subs on YouTube in 1 day! Thanks to @frankslotta & @KoenWeijland ❤️Matched @DiogoJota18 in the last match and wow this guy can play😱 I luckily won 1-0 and currently on 17-0 in the WL! Will be back tomorrow with the last games!〽️
09. May
Our #fortnite crew starts well prepared into the @FNCompetitive #FNCS Solo Invitational. 💪

You know you can make it @a1ms0nz, @Fledermoys, @nyhrox and @M10Pepper, let's go! 😤

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09. May
RT @Floriixnn: den süßen hasen early stream
09. May
Close but still unbeaten! 🥳

Gameday 8 and 9 started out with a draw against @saranshh_ with an overall score of 1-1. But @Jenasidfc 🇮🇳 made sure to comeback with a blasting 4-2 victory against @karandiabolical and extended his lead in the Pro League India. ✌️

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08. May
First weekend live on youtube 28-2(PS4) & 27-3(XBX)! So happy I could finally stream without problems! Thanks to @teamBundled & @M10esports 🙏〽️ Tonight I am giving away 2x€50 PSN/XBOX Cards to enter check my latest Instagram post‼️
04. May
GOOD MORNING DUO STREAM w/ @M10Berki & @xTheLegxndZ. 😎

📺 Tune in:

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04. May
Join @M10Berki's stream while he plays the #FNCS Solo Opens tonight. 🥳

Good luck to everyone else participating! ✌️

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03. May
Good luck to everyone who is playing FNCS Solo Opens tonight! 🍀🥳

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02. May
RT @xTheLegxndZ: hehe
01. May