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1/2 2019 was just amazing! So much good things happened to me this year. I had such an succesful year, so many succesful tournaments and met so many new faces... I joined @M10esports and they gave me the opportunity to concentrate 100% on my esports career and supported me ...
31. Dec
28. Dec

It’s ❄️ Winter Royale ❄️ Time! 😎

Good Luck Boys! ✌️ You got this!

#M10 #M1Ö 🔥🔥🔥
20. Dec
RT @xTheLegxndZ: Ty @M10esports @realkaypi ❤️❤️
19. Dec
RT @Floriixnn: Thank u @M10esports ❤️
18. Dec

We are very happy to announce that we renewed our contract with @siddhchandarana for 2020. 🥳

Thank you for your commitment Siddh!

Stay tuned there is even more to come! 🇮🇳✈️🇩🇪

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17. Dec
RT @M10Berki: Still some people for Tryouts?
16. Dec
A little highlight video about the #FNCS finals this weekend! 🔥👀
10. Dec
Thank you!🙏

#M10´s philosophy is always to support, build and educate young players and we are proud that we showed once more what they are capable of.

#4th best squad in Europe, 72.000$ pricemoney. EZ 4 @M10Pepper, @Fledermoys, @KamoLRF & @RijasR_ 🥳🤪

#M10 #M1Ö 🔥🔥🔥
09. Dec
About time.. first 30-0 💣of the year!

Now lets get on with the real work: eDivisie, Club WC & Fut cup 3 qualifiers this week!🙏


#M10 #M1Ö
09. Dec
RT @Fledermoys: Highlight Vid from 4th place in Heats, show some love〽️🔥@M10esports
09. Dec
RT @Fledermoys: 4th place lil $72k @M10esports @KamoLRF @M10Pepper @RijasR_
08. Dec