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The Time Is Here... To Step Out Of The Shadows

The Time Is Here... To Step Out Of The Shadows... And Into The Game! ??? @M10esports proudly presents the newest team member @LevyFrederique . Welcome Levy ??? #M10 #M1Ö ???


New Content-Partnership

We are happy to announce our Content-Partnership with @teambundled! ???? They will provide and support us with amazing stuff such as videos and pictures right where the action happens and give you more insights in every aspect of our FIFA players! #moretocome #M10 #M1Ö

Welcome to the professional eSports Team by Mesut Özil M10 eSports

- Qualified. ✅
- Job done. ✅

Semi-Finals at 4pm PST / 2am CEST.

@nyhrox 🇳🇴👊

#M10 #M1Ö
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DAY 2 at @DreamHack Anaheim 🇺🇸.

We are ready to get things done. 💪

#M10 #M1Ö #EZ4Nyhrox 🇳🇴
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We are at @DreamHack Anaheim🇺🇸 this weekend!

This is also the first time @nyhrox will compete for #M10 🥵🙏!

Don‘t forget to follow us on instagram to get live updates and coverage!


Let‘s go, Emil! You got this! 😏👊

#M10 #M1Ö
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